“Less-is More, Minimal Cosmetic Lifestyle”

Variety of pocket pouch cosmetics Articoblanc

cool soothing gel

Artico Blanc is a beauty care brand specializing in cosmetics in spout pouches.
It was created through collaboration between a dermatology research institute and skincare professionals.
With nourishing ingredients for the skin packaged in light-weight, mini-sized pouches,
Artico Blanc’s 1Day product line offers an alternative skincare solution for a minimal lifestyle of K-Beauty trend.

Take and Artico Blanc pouch bag, and you are ready to go anywhere!

art of value

We have reduced the unnecessary chemical processes and over-packaging, and created products that keep the basics using the ingredients from nature. We produces the best value at a reasonable price.

art of function

A simple and faithful product delivers optimal effects on the skin, it changes your daily skin care routine to improve your skin.

art of design

Convenient and beautiful design make beauty life more simple enjoyable.

sun cream & cool soothing gel

Perfect for handbags!
Handy cosmetic in pocket, Simple to use

Stylish and minimal design
Today, minimalism means sophistication. Simple, intuitive design and preper color have become the trend of the smart era.

Spouted container convenient for carrying
A portable spouted container can be easily carried anywhere, making it easy to use and saving space and time. Carry it during outdoor activities to easily pretect your skin.

Cosmetics for travel with light pack
There are more and more travelers who enjoy travel, and there is atendency to find mini cosmetics for the convenience of travel, and if tou have spout cosmeits, you can finish the necessary preparations for travel.

Very Simple Pouch!
Combine super premium ingredients to complete product quality

Honest cosmetics
Artico Blanc uses natural ingredients that are sensitive to the skin, as well as hypoallergenic ingredients that can be used safely by pregnant women. It is developed carefully with natural ingredients, thinking that our family use our products.

Fresh cosmetics every day
Old cosmetics not onlu grow bacteria and cause dermatitis and allergies, but they can also induce inflammation and skin aging. For cosmetics, the period after opening is important, so it is appropriate to use within one year after opening:lipsticks within two years, and mascara within three months after opening.

Reaconable price
Artico Blanc has reduced the production cost by eliminating unnecessary containers and packaging processes, and more concentrated on the product. You can buy various products at a cost of one cosmetic and use them for muliple purposes with freshness.

sun cream

One Day,

Fresh Discovery of Fresh Skin Care

My 1day Pocket Care

Everyday Fresh! Minimal Cosmetics

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Natural beauty pocket care that protects my skin from irritation.
Simple and colorful design Small and smart package.The moment you take it out.
You are a leader in beauty life trends.
When traveling, exercising and going out,
Easy to carry anywhere and anytime with UV protection.
It can protect your skin from external irritation.

Honest cosmetics

Natural extracts can be used with peace of mind for sensitive and weak skin as well as pregnant women.

Fresh cosmetics every day

Compact size package can be used cleanly without worrying about bacterial penetration and contamination.

Reasonable price

By eliminating unnecessary containers and packaging processes, high-quality cosmetics can be used at a reasonable price.

Step 01.

Natural Beauty

Sun Cream 10ml
Cool Soothing Gel 15ml
Pure All-in-one Lotion 15ml
Shine Tone Up Cream 15ml
Deep Foam Cleanser 15ml
Pink Tone Up Cream 15ml
Mild Cleansing Oil 15ml
BB Light Beige (No.21) 10ml
BB Natural Beige (No.23) 10ml
beige skin tone
Athleisure Sun Cream 10ml

Step 02.

Special Shiny Skin

Aqua Sleeping Mask 15ml
Cica Repair Cream 10ml
Snail Golden Cream 10ml
Vita C Strawberry Essence 15ml
Jeju Horse Oil Cream 10ml
Charcoal Peel Off Mask 20ml
Dead Sea Mud Peel Off Mask 20ml
Perfumed Hand Cream _ Rose 20ml
Perfumed Hand Cream _ Lavender 20ml

Step 03.

K-Neauty Trend

AB Velvet Tint _ Cherry Red 4ml
AB Velvet Tint _ Purple Pink 4ml
AB Velvet Tint _ Peach Orange 4ml
AB Perfect Concealer
AB Perfect Concealer
AB Velvet Mascara _ Black 4ml


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